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Factory Tour

sublimation textile factory

Located in Changpin ,Dongguan ,which is about one hour away by driving from our office . The factory is with 8,000 square meters ,three working line which is Galaxy press manufacturing, sublimation phone case and sewing line for sublimation textiles . 

The sewing line was the lastest production line which were established at the end of 2018 , we were a little bit hesitate to have this sewing line at the firstly beginning ,because it belongs to labor-intensive industry ,and the labor cost in China especially in the area where our factory located are increasing year by year . We are glad that we took the challenge and now it improves ,we made the right decision ,because we can 100% sure to deliver high and qualified products to our customers . 

The sewing line has 36 sewing worker and 25 packing workers who is helping cutting the extra thread before packing them into the carton to send to customers . So all the textile products which Lopo offered are with 4 times of QC checking.  Refer to this video link to know more:

Now, the sewing line had been running for more than 2 years ,we have professional manager who had been put his own life working as a sewing manager ,he can make everything come true if you tell him your idea and a very positive team who always working hard while enjoy their daily life. 

If you ask us what make Lopo different ,we are proud to say: ALL OF OUR LOPO MEMBERS !